About Us


We are a husband and wife team who have been together for almost 30 years

Carol, Four Paws Dog Resort Prescott AZ

Carol is retired from 30 plus years in the resort guest service industry, 20 years which were as Night Hotel Manager for a major Scottsdale Resort.


John, Four Paws Dog Resort Prescott AZ

John also has worked in management at a large resort and has spent 26 years as a produce manager at a major grocery chain. He is now enjoying the blessings of retirement.


We have no two-legged children; all our children have four paws.

We have both had an assortment of dogs and cats most of our lives.  That’s why we know our pets deserve the same kind of love returned to them as they give to us. We treat them with the respect and kindness they deserve.

We currently have 2 dogs of our own; an Australian Shepherd and a Queenslander Healer. Both are about 7 years old and we have had them since they were puppies. Our Queensland is deaf and gets along great with use of sign language.

We’ve found it hard to find a place we’ve felt comfortable leaving our dogs for one night, for a weekend or week long vacation. This is because our dogs are used to having reign of our house and yard. So we were apprehensive to leave them any place where they would be locked up in a kennel.  They need more than just a couple short scheduled playtimes, a couple scheduled potty breaks and lots of other barking, stressed out dogs in similar kennels.

Initially, we started taking on additional dogs as foster parents with Rescue A Golden of AZ and by dog sitting for friends. We decided that we had the heart and the space to expand into a place where we could take your dogs in and give them an intimate setting where they will receive all the individual attention they crave, freedom to romp to their hearts desire and sleep where they feel cozy and contented.


Four Paws Dog Resort Prescott AZ

Our goal is to provide a comfortable homey feeling for your dogs when they can’t be home with you.